The TV fanatics are at war

After a thoughtful and interesting read on Alan McKee’s Why Do I Love Television So Very Much?I have come to a conclusion that the article is completely and utterly outdated. Of course, I shall elaborate my supporting reasons soon enough, all you have to do is to dwell further into my post.. Patience my little grasshoppers, good things will come in good time.

First, I shall begin by referring to the screening that was presented in class a week ago. Hollywood: The Rise of TV is a very good introductory piece in explaining the somewhat unanticipated popularity boom of TV series in the US of A, shifting their focus from big screens to TV screens. Personally, I truthfully did not bother thinking twice about it as I have always thought that the shift was gradual and subtle, and hence not at all shocking. However, after sitting through the screening, I have come to realisation that the increase of the genres of making TV series nowadays and even back then, is quite admirable. Before we knew it, we have story lines and settings based in locations ranging from hospitals to offices to schools and etc. It is evident that Hollywood is trying its best to attempt in capturing the hearts of as many niche groups of its audience as it can, by introducing a whole smorgasbord of genres. Better to try and release a whole lot of arrows in the air while hoping to get a bullseye I suppose!

But ah, hold up! Having said that, it was also explained in the screening that preparing and recording a pilot is no easy feat. There have been countless rejected pilots, where the hopes of dreams of directors, producers, actors and screenwriters alike all crushed.

Moving back to McKee’s article, he stated that he loves TV solely because TV at its purest form is basically a form of entertainment. And that’s it, pure entertainment. In other words, TV enables people of similar interests and tastes to gather together in order to ramble on and on about a mutual interest. But, and this is a big but, how times have changed. Again, referring to the fact that there has been a massive increase of different genres for different TV series, a new breed of fanatics are born. While McKee had mentioned his intense dislike for Art fanatics in his article, the TV fanatics that have been on the move lately are not any better, and if anything else they might even be worse.

I personally witnessed (second-hand) what people had coined the term as ‘Ship Wars’, where people of a certain TV series cult fanbase would be so over-the-top obsessed on a certain couple they like on a TV series that they would be entirely motivated to start arguments and even sometimes fights over the Internet with other people who simply do not agree with them. And we are talking about fictional characters here, fictional.

Ever since I have joined the tumblr family, I have learnt multiple Internet-based terms such as ‘OTP’ (One True Pair) as well as, of course, ‘shipping’. I have seen countless posts where people would bash each other for not believing in their specific ‘OTPs’, and seeing this and understanding it as a whole now does seem a little more than ridiculous.

Thanks again for reading my current thoughts and heartfelt opinions so far! Stay tuned for more by Week 3!

Blogging off,




– Alan McKee – Why Do I Love Television So Very Much? (Article)

– Hollywood: The Rise of TV (Short film)


*Here’s a picture of panda bread, just because I can. Enjoy!*

panda bread

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